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A natural born explorer from a young age, Whitney has always had a passion for learning outside of the traditional classroom. Spending much of her upbringing immersed in the great outdoors, she feels most connected to a deep place within when she is in nature or practicing yoga. After graduating college it became clear that she needed to follow her intuition and experience different cultures. So she bought a with a one-way ticket to New Zealand, and found herself traveling to 4 different continents, nature and yoga being the common thread in all of them, stopping in Bali for her first Yoga Teacher Training in 2012. 


Whitney experienced her first yoga class with her sister and mother at a hot yoga studio in New Mexico. Being a dedicated athlete her whole life, she was first drawn to the more physical aspects of yoga, but it was the mental and spiritual practice that kept her coming back. It was kismet when she found yoga, and ever since, it’s discipline has gotten her through both the joyful and trying moments of life. She quickly found that yoga was the biggest influence in helping her cope with and subdue her feelings of anxiety and depression. Her yoga practice is where she is able to find a deeper wisdom and peace within, and it is her life’s mission to share it with others. Whitney seeks to live simply and mindfully, with the intention of holding space for herself and others to connect back to the innate wisdom within the body.  


Whitney firmly believes that  health is the foundation to succeeding in all aspects of life and is passionate about helping others find more natural ways to live in an abundance of health and vitality, fully living up to one’s potential. The human body is directly connected to the mind, spirit, and emotional being, and visa-versa - thoughts and emotions play a huge role in our overall physical health and well-being; everything is connected.  If we don’t have a way to process what we think and feel in a positive and a productive way then our biological systems and emotional health can be adversely affected. And while a yoga practice isn’t a cure-all, it does provide a space to explore our thoughts, feelings, physicality and spiritual connection in a way that only oneself can experience in their own being. Only by getting in touch with your body, by connecting viscerally with yourself, can you gain a sense of who you are, your priorities and values. When we gain a better understanding of ourselves we can better serve others. It is important to Whitney that she creates a safe space for her students to explore all they need to find a harmonious experience in their bodies, minds, and spirits. 


Whitney has been teaching yoga for over 6 years and practicing for over 11.  Her style of yoga is inspired by her travels, studies, and all the people she has met around the globe. Her areas of expertise and trainings include Hatha/Vinyasa, Yin, pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda, nutrition, Barre, Buti, fitness and children’s yoga. In her classes, Whitney combines a wide span of ideologies, including practical modern science, hatha yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and mindful meditation. Expect some playfulness as well, as her love of music and dance come alive in her playlists. Her fun and challenging classes are infused with lightheartedness and positivity. She believes yoga is for everyone, hopes to create a welcoming environment and encourages all to practice, from those who have never seen the benefits of yoga before to long time practitioners.  She forever continues to be a student of life in this world, exploring the human mind, body, and spirit connection, and sharing with others along the way.


what others say

Over the past 2 years, I have had the pleasure of practicing several styles of yoga with Whitney. I really appreciate her emphasis on what feels right at that moment which relieves the pressure of wanting to over perform. She provides helpful visual and verbal direction to get you into the most effective positions and has great taste in accompanying music! Great attitude, great instruction and good music, keeps me coming back.
— grant
Whitney’s  classes help me to build strength, gain balance and flexibility. Perhaps the most important though is that the classes help me to live in gratitude and appreciation. I always leave energized and refreshed.
— michelle
Whitney is a fantastic practitioner, not only is she an excellent teacher, she also instills love and compassion on all her classes. She provides the opportunity for personal physical, emotional and spiritual development. She particularly helped me work with my grief issues teaching poses to help me move stuck energy. I am forever grateful for  the tools I have learned from her. She is a beautiful person full of passion and inspiration! 
— darcy
whenever we come to Kauai we always make sure to take Whitney‘s classes because it’s a perfect combination of a challenging yoga class and an invitation to abide in our depths and we just love that.
— sandra & stephen  
Whitney has become my favorite yoga teacher, in fact she’s the only one I go to anymore. Her classes are easy to follow, she speaks clearly and concisely making it easy follow without always looking up. Her classes are as much a exercise for calming the brain as they are for stretching and strengthening the body.
— tony